EPILDELI Epilation Wax Tin 800 gr

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Our soluble waxes are made with high-quality ingredients. Rigorous physical-chemical analysis is carried out across all processing stages, in strict compliance with good manufacturing practice.

The EPILDELI professional depilatory waxes are high quality and feature a very low application temperature, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding clientele.

These professional depilatory waxes are made with resins and natural waxes, which are rigorously checked, featuring a low application temperature.They provide effective, gentle depilation and make the skin smooth. They have anti-allergenic properties and a large amount of natural substrates, which make the skin hydrated, silky and without redness. Enriched with a very high degree of beeswax that nourishes, hydrates and does not irritate the skin. The natural ingredients of this wax give it antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.