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The Thalasso series combines the revitalizing powers of the purest sea water. The efficient care products unfold gently obtained algae contain their beneficial and healing active ingredients. All products in the Thalasso series are excellently tolerated. They give your skin natural beauty and have a pleasant effect on your well-being.

The THALASSO peeling with Gracilaria algae extract and medium-sized grains, based on corn granules, intensively cleanses the skin. Hardened skin cells are removed, the skin's appearance is refined and natural skin renewal is promoted: the skin appears smooth and cared for.

ThalassO Peeling is a soap free emollient containing an extract from the Gracilaria algae and fine granules. Indispensable for quality respiration of the skin, and deep yet gentle cleansing of the pores.

Intensive deep cleansing for face and body. Removes dead skin cells and improves the skin natural renewal process rendering the complexion more radiant. Prepares the skin to more readily accept the effective ingredients of the treatments to follow.

Main Ingredients: Gracilaria Algae and micro fine abrasive material (Polyethylene)

Application: ThalassO Peeling should be used once a week. Spread onto face and body in a relatively thin layer massage into skin with gentle movements and rinse off with plenty of water.

TIP: ThalassO Peeling is most suitable for use in the shower on both face and body. Ideal before sauna treatments. Stimulates blood circulation bringing new energy to the entire body. Feel the skin afterwards – it feels smoother than one ever thought possible. Not just for women, men appreciate the effects too.