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The Eye Gel refreshes and tightens the area around the eyes. It absorbs immediately, smoothes the skin and reduces wrinkles around the eyes. The perfect eye care for the day.

A refreshing, firming, quickly effective eye gel which smoothes away eye wrinkles, revives tired eyes and results in a radiant appearance.

Hydro gel base with fibrostimulines, Isoflavones from Soya and Avocado Oil. The pH value harmonizes with tear fluid.

Effective Ingredients:

Avocado oil - The particularly skin-friendly oil component has a smoothing, moisturizing and moisturizing effect. It counteracts the formation of wrinkles and is particularly effective on dry and inflamed skin. Vitamins A, A1, B, B1, B2, D, E, and F influence the metabolism of the skin and give it elasticity and suppleness. Due to its special depth effect, it is particularly suitable for treating the subcutaneous tissue.

Panthenol - 
strengthens the barrier function of the skin and increases the ability of the horny layer to bind water.

Soy extract - serves to improve the water-binding capacity in the deeper layers of the skin. It stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin cells. In addition, soy extract stimulates the formation of collagen in the cells. Collagen is the most important part of connective tissue. The more collagen there is in the connective tissue, the firmer the skin appears.

Allantoin - soothes and smoothes the skin, promotes wound healing, moisturizes and stimulates cell renewal.

Application:  1. As additional daily care for the eye region. Apply thinly, dab in gently . 2. Apply as a mask, wafer thin, all around the eyes, allow 15 mins. to take effect. Remove with warm eye compresses.