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The eye cream is gentle care for the delicate eye area. It counteracts the formation of wrinkles with selected ingredients such as jojoba oil and phyto-collastin.

Water/oil emulsion of light consistency (soft cream) with added Phyto-Collastin, Jojoba Oil and vitamins E+A.

The area surrounding the eyes is one of the parts of the skin, which are especially in need of care, as its fine connective tissue easily tends to form wrinkles because of the comparatively loose combination of cells and fibres. By virtue of the Phyto-Collastin, Eye Cream has a hydrating effect on the skin, thus counteracting the formation of wrinkles.

Effective Ingredients: 

Jojoba oil - is a high-quality and particularly skin-friendly oil from the jojoba nut. It increases the moisture in the tissue. Jojoba oil is very easy to distribute on the skin, is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film.

Phyto-collastin - Since the trend in cosmetics has been moving away from animal and towards plant-based active ingredients in the last few decades, the active ingredient Phyto-Collastin was developed at Heitland & Petre International GmbH. This consists of vegetable peptides with a higher content of hydroxylysine and valine, the main amino acids of collagen and elastin. This peptide complex is obtained from grain, preferably wheat. This active ingredient complex improves moisture storage (= collagen) and at the same time the elasticity of the skin (= elastin) through improved collagen synthesis.

Vitamin E - protects against oxidation, so it is an excellent free radical scavenger. It increases the skin's defenses, invigorates it and prevents premature skin aging.

Application: For daytime care, apply Eye Cream in gentle strokes beneath the eyes from the outside to the inside, and for night care all the way around the eyes. Avoid rubbing and pulling the tender skin tissue around the eyes.