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The invisible protection against premature ageing of the hands. Non-fatty, quickly absorbed, high quality hand cream with algae extract. The hands are as protected as if covered by invisible gloves.

Main Ingredients: Gracilaria Algae, Urea, Sea Salt, Vitamin E

Application: After washing hands massage the cream in beginning with fingertips working up to the wrist. Often our hands are overlooked. Even though they are prone to the same environmental influences as the face. Why have only the face looking youthful? Each treatment in your salon should include a short hand treatment. Aging does not stop at the neckline. Clients will be appreciative of the special attention they receive.

TIP: Apply a thick layer onto cleansed hands. Wrap with foil followed by a pre-warmed towel. Allow taking effect for about 10 – 20 min., massaging in the residue