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The Thalasso series combines the revitalizing powers of the purest sea water. The efficient care products unfold gently obtained algae contain their beneficial and healing active ingredients. All products in the Thalasso series are excellently tolerated. They give your skin natural beauty and have a pleasant effect on your well-being.

THALASSO Night uses healing ingredients to ensure that your skin regenerates while you sleep. In the morning she appears visibly relaxed and refreshed.

A high quality, rich night cream for mature skin.  Provides optimal skin rejuvenation during sleep and supports the skin’s natural repair mechanisms

It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and supple

Key Ingredients:

Gracilaria Algae Extract (red algae; source of natural polysaccharides, vitamins S, E, C, B, Iodine, minerals, trace elements and amino acids; lasting hydration)

Squalane (smoothing, firming, prevent moisture-loss)

Shea Butter (nourishing, protecting, skin softening)

Sea Salt (skin conditioning agent)

Oak Root Extract (soothing)


In Salon: can be used as a massage and care cream.

Home Care: Apply in the evening after cleansing and clarifying.

Main Ingredients: Gracilaria Algae, Squalane, Glycerine (retains precious moisture in the skin)